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Gianna CulnanGianna Culnan

Is any one aware of when the pool is going to open?

Jessie StPeteJessie StPete

Lived here for a year in between places and I could not say better things about the community. The staff from the maintenance workers to the office people are incredibly nice but yet not intrusive in the slightest way. You do feel like you are part of a community here with people that actually care about the residents. The apartments themselves were also nice and clean and everything worked perfectly while we lived here. Having an attached garage was a huge perk and you cannot find that in many apartments. The move out process was also a breeze with a full deposit refund. I would not hesitate to live here again if I were in the area.


I moved to the Glenville Reserve a few weeks ago and am extremely pleased. All of the amenities are a plus. My home is comfortable and spacious, especially the garage which has plenty of room for storage and the grounds are lovely. Kaitlyn was my leasing agent and is absolutely amazing....very helpful, customer oriented,  knowledgeable, patient with all of my questions,  etc.  I'm very happy with my decision to join the Glenville Reserve community.

Catherine NolanCatherine Nolan

I am writing this review for the leasing office staff, in particular Kaitlin, who I had the pleasure of interacting with today. Normally I wouldn’t write a review for a leasing office but, after reading the negative review, I felt it necessary to even out the reviews... also I learned that Kaitlin is relatively new and I wanted to let her team know that she is doing a great job!
I called this morning with LOTS of questions. Kaitlin was super helpful and patient, never rushing through a response or trying to get off the phone. I had her undivided attention. She offered to email me some information, which she promptly did send along with a nice note summarizing our conversation and details she had shared during the call. Then I emailed her back with a request to indicate where on a map were the available apartments. Within minutes she responded with a very nicely indicated map.
Kaitlin is a great voice and first impression of the Reserve!

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