Kendall Square Apartment Reviews

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Jessica CloptonJessica Clopton

Kendall Square is a good spot in Bethlehem if you don't have a ton of money to buy a single family home but still want your child in an excellent school district. The apartments are relatively new, the neighbors are friendly, and there are lots of kids on the property. It's in a nice location about halfway between Glenmont and Delmar, so either one is about a 5 minute drive. But you're far enough away that it feels pretty and rural, especially in the summer. Maintenence is responsive and they even replaced my fridge. Management is great — Eric Rinefierd was extremely helpful any time I had a question about the area (we were new to Bethlehem) and especially during the move-out process. Management can really make or break a business so Kendall Square is fortunate to have Eric. Overall, I would highly recommend Kendall Square. For the price point, it's a great deal.

Troy RobinsonTroy Robinson

Kendall Square is a fantastic place to live for anyone looking in the Delmar/Glenmont area. My Fiancé and I have been living in Kendall Square for over a year now and could not be happier! We love our apartment and the fantastic community that surrounds it. Delmar and Glenmont are loaded with excellent local shops and restaurants less than 3 minutes from the complex, and with a 10 minute commute to my school in the center of Albany during rush hour, I can’t complain! As far as customer service goes, I can’t speak on behalf of the other reviewers but from our experience, everyone from the staff to the other tenants have always kind to us! In our time living at Kendall Square we have had a few problems that were not in any way caused by Kendall Square themselves, but directly impacted our living situation. Regardless of the issue, and without any obligation to assist us, Kendall Square always went ABOVE AND BEYOND to give us all of the aid that we needed without us even having to ask! With one simple phone call there is always someone at our door no later than the next day to help us with anything we need. The complex is well maintained from landscaping in the summer to snow-removal in the winter. Kendall Square really does care about it’s tenants and it’s nice to know that there are still places that truly care about the quality of their service! Honestly, if I could rate Kendall Square higher than google will allow, I would!

Bradey LiverioBradey Liverio

So far I have loved my stay here for the past year and three months!! It’s spacious, the kitchen is very nice, and we have not had many problems maintenance wise. The best part is the cable/wifi coming with the apartment, that is unmatched compared to other places. I look forward to residing here for at least another year, maybe longer depending on other factors!

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