Kendall Square Apartment Reviews

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Bradey LiverioBradey Liverio

So far I have loved my stay here for the past year and three months!! It’s spacious, the kitchen is very nice, and we have not had many problems maintenance wise. The best part is the cable/wifi coming with the apartment, that is unmatched compared to other places. I look forward to residing here for at least another year, maybe longer depending on other factors!

Suha ManqarahSuha Manqarah

Bad maintenance service. We are almost in 3rd weeks without A/C.
They gave us a small A/C and it is not enough for the apartment. We keep move it from the bedroom to living room and it is heavy. When we ask for another one they said they don’t have.
Also when we called them asking about when is the A/C gonna be fixed they don’t have an idea. I wish they could improve their service.

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