Westminster Place Apartments Reviews

Reviews are very important to us and are the best way to let others know if our team has provided you with a great experience.

Erinrose SilkyErinrose Silky

Management is wonderful. Excellent follow up and very thorough. The grounds are well kept and the apartments are spacious and lovely. Happy to be a resident!

Andrew McCabeAndrew McCabe

Safe area, management has been excellent in problem resolution, and rent is a great deal. No complaints here 🙂

Tegan DiemerTegan Diemer

We moved to WestMinster almost two years ago (will be two years this September) && we are really happy here! The apartments are old and pretty outdated, the appliances aren’t awesome but the location and property management is great. It’s really quiet in this area (although due to covid and people being home/bored more often, rascals in the area have broken into cars). But for the most part, the area is nice and all of our neighbors are really nice as well. Everyone kind of keeps to themselves. One thing to note is that the walls/ceilings are really thin, I can hear word for word what my upstairs neighbors talk about sometimes. But, keep in mind that it is an apartment and you are renting so there isn’t much you can do about thin walls. Overall, I’m really happy with our time at WestMinster! Abby and Harley are great! They’re super nice and have handled covid really well. They’ve helped us out in our times of need and we are very thankful. The property management has been amazing and I have no bad things to say about that. You can’t really do much about how old the buildings are other than updating them over time (which they’ve started doing but covid slowed it down and also winter).

We won’t live here forever because we hate Syracuse winters and want to move south eventually, but we would definitely take WestMinster with us if we could. This apartment has brought us a lot of love and happiness.

Anyways, living here is awesome (mainly because of the office staff and quiet area/thoughtful neighbors) so definitely don’t think twice about this place, just apply!

Erick RandolphErick Randolph

Have lived here for 3 years and it's been a great experience. The management team is friendly, helpful, and very responsive. Maintenance requests are completed quickly and professionally. They keep the grounds well maintained - parking lots and sidewalks are plowed in the winter, and the amenities (pool, gym) are high quality. The apartment itself is very nice. We live in a 2 bedroom, second floor apartment and have been very happy. Pet friendly and the neighbors are all great!