Westminster Place Apartments Reviews

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Steven FinneySteven Finney

We moved to Liverpool not knowing anyone or anything about the area. From the second I drove into WestMinster and saw the "welcome home" sign I knew that we were going to live there. The apartments are nice, clean, affordable and the staff is top notch.
We are coming up to our one year lease renewal soon and we plan on staying for years to come.
Recently we got a newly paved parking lot at our building and their is a plan of redoing the whole road soon.
I really think any bad review on here is either old (different management?) or that particular ex tenant had to have done something wrong because this place is great!
Thank you Abby, Kali, Joe and the other members of the staff for all you do.

-Steve building 10

Melissa WatersMelissa Waters

Westminster was by far our favorite apartment complex we have ever lived at. The grounds are well maintained all the time and the new rock style landscaping looks so high end and elegant. The office staff was incredible and the maintenance staff would always stop us whenever we were outside to visit with our dogs. We took advantage of the pool, fitness room, and tennis court which were always in pristine condition and our niece/ nephews loved visiting us for all the amenities. Even though it has been over a year since we moved out we both still tell people about this complex and even just last week I mentioned it to a friend of mine who was looking for a place. It is conveniently located and the fact that the city road dead ends meant less traffic and easier to walk the dogs. Loved living there!

Erick RandolphErick Randolph

Have lived here for 3 years and it's been a great experience. The management team is friendly, helpful, and very responsive. Maintenance requests are completed quickly and professionally. They keep the grounds well maintained - parking lots and sidewalks are plowed in the winter, and the amenities (pool, gym) are high quality. The apartment itself is very nice. We live in a 2 bedroom, second floor apartment and have been very happy. Pet friendly and the neighbors are all great!

Zack SZack S

The office and maintinece staff are fantastic. They are very kind and helpful with any issue you have. The pricing is good for the space within the apartment. Having the (limited) option of laundry in unit is well worth it. I feel safe in the complex and the neighbors are respectful of noise levels. The property is well maintained. My only issue is the lack of counter space in the kitchen. It can make it difficult to cook certain dishes that require a lot of counter space. I have heard renovations are starting on the apartments so by the time they finish they will hopefully fix that. I have been here for 4 months and I am very happy here.

Emily RoushEmily Roush

I’ve lived here almost two years, the staff really takes great care of us. We have any maintenance issues they are right on it. Our place is comfy and cozy with plenty of room in the living room and bedrooms. Wish the kitchen space had more counter and storage space but we make it work. Affordable and pet friendly, would recommend a visit!!