Saddle Club Townhomes Reviews

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Gregory WallsGregory Walls

Saddle Club is easily the best apartment complex I've ever lived at. The units and the property are very nice but that's not even the best part. For me, the best part was that the apartment management and staff are very accountable and detail oriented. All maintenance (whether routine or requested) was done quickly and correctly. In general, they treat their residents like human beings and seem to genuinely care if their residents are happy.


The staff at Saddle Club are always super nice-- both the ladies in the office and the maintenance workers. If we have a problem, it's solved super quickly! I have a blind cat, and not only does Stephanie remember, but the maintenance guys are always careful not to let him out. Also, it's a nice, safe neighborhood that I can feel comfortable walking in. I would definitely recommend Saddle Club to others who are looking for a nice townhome. 🙂

LaTonya ClarkLaTonya Clark

I am sharing my review not as a tenant but a prospect. I am HUGE on excellent customer service and this team did team provided just that. My family and I applied to Saddle Club and I appreciate how quickly both Haley and the property manager responded. Sorry her name escapes me. It was such a pleasure speaking with both of them. Haley’s follow through was amazing and the Manager took an extra step that I wasn’t expecting. I look forward to being able to live in this community. Keep up the great work guys.

Aubrey SejuitAubrey Sejuit

I saw some pretty bad reviews on here about Saddle Club and I was worried. When we went to check it out, we fell in love with the place! It truly felt like home. The place we got was nice and spacious. I also loved that we could have a pet (for a fee) and pay monthly to rent a washer and dryer. Whenever we needed anything done, maintenance was always right on it! The office staff members were incredibly helpful and sweet. The only thing I would change about the place, if given the opportunity, would be to have an on-call security guard or something. I also like that they had quiet hours because it kept from people getting really out of hand. Generally the people who tend to complain about Saddle Club are most likely people who didn't pay their rent on time or were most likely evicted. If you pay your rent and are a good tenant, you generally don't have much to complain about at Saddle Club. We recently moved down south for me to attend graduate school but, we have already decided that if we move back to Upstate, New York we will be looking at returning to Saddle Club (hopefully the same house number too). We loved it there! Keep up the great work Saddle Club!

Josh LaFlammeJosh LaFlamme

It makes a big difference the staff you have welcoming new tenants. Everyone I have met from Saddle Club has been kind and professional. Stephanie has been very flexible and helpful given our situation, and Mike from maintenance is very personable.

I originally came from Rivers Pointe, they have great amenities there, and beautiful buildings (that just so happen to be sinking along with their foundation), but the staff is nowhere as friendly and the rent is too expensive.

Saddle Club offers spacious townhomes, with fair monthly rent. My only gripe is some of the kids are a little loud playing outside, but it has not been a big deal for me, really.