Netherlands Village Apartments Reviews

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Magikarp BoyMagikarp Boy

Nice place to live in if you're lucky enough to not have noisy neighbors. In my first two years here, there have been times when police would come to check on neighbors multiple times a week due to noise complaints! In addition to noise, illegal pets and smoking is also an issue (not anymore, thank God, since they moved!) Quite cheap when I first signed my lease but the rent rises a bit too fast even in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic. Maintenance is very responsive to requests.

Anna OdorAnna Odor

Ashley was great and the place looked safe and tidy. The layout of the shown flat was practical with a big kitchen for a 500 sqf home. I ended up choosing something else in the end due to distance but I would recommend Netherlands Village to anyone who likes quiet living.

The only thing I hope will be addressed eventually is the road in the complex. There are HUGE holes in it, I thought my car will fall apart as I circled there. :/

Julie D. PopoJulie D. Popo

Nice quiet complex area. Safe for my kids, I like it here. Prompt emergency response from maintenance.

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