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Amanda JonesAmanda Jones

Aug follow up: the theof has been apprehended and the apartment is taking steps to prevent this from happening again. Most recent follow up July 25 2023, packages continue to go missing. Solution not provided; Awaiting response from Follow up: I contacted the office very politely many times. Long before this post. I was provided with the information in the lease which states the property is not responsible for items in the mail room. Outside of the stolen items I would recommend this property. Currently I cannot get packages delivered despite being a great Tennant. Is there another office other than the Mill Creek office I should be contacting? Please follow up with better contact information, thank you. Previous/Initial post: Current Tennant and I really love you this place. Recently our packages have been getting stolen, over a month, the lease states the property is not responsible for the mailroom and is unable to do anything to prevent the theft. Including installation of cameras. The next option we have is a PO box. To get packages this costs over 100$. I would recommend this place but not if you plan on getting any packages. I am out hundreds of dollars due to the ongoing theft.

Genevieve GoetzGenevieve Goetz

I lived here for the past year and have such a positive experience! I am (still) in the middle of a divorce and I have special needs, and Mill Creek felt like a safe home. The amenities like central air, dishwashers and a sauna helped me a lot along with their gym. The office and maintenance staff are extremely friendly and available to assist. It has a ton of trees and small walking paths. Sitting on my balcony felt very private and relaxing. Neighbors have been also extremely friendly. I’d certainly recommend living here!

Patti EmbreePatti Embree

I just renewed my lease for the upcoming year and this will remain my home until I am able to move south! There are so many positives, I'm not sure I can list them all, however, the amenities such as the pool and the grounds are amazing. Maintenance staff is top shelf. Snow removal is done promptly and I have not had one bit of trouble getting in or out of the property because of snow. Kristen, the property manager, is polite and responds quickly to any issues I have raised. I would never hesitate to recommend Mill Creek to anyone!

Elizabeth SElizabeth S

Lived here for 2 years. It's a complex, so of course you need to come in knowing you're going to be surrounded by people. However, it was quiet, lovely, and pleasant. Parking can sometimes not be ideal, but there is always something available. Management was always super quick to deal with any issues. They replaced anything broken in a timely manner and the maintenance guys were an absolute joy. It was truly a lovely place to live. My one and only complaint would be snow removal was iffy at best.

Christopher BeaudetChristopher Beaudet

I lived here for a year and can't express how much I miss living here. What a value for the quiet and enjoyable location. I have lived in three complexes since leaving and may have only just found a place that comes close to rivaling the exceptional customer service at Mill Creek, at double the price. If I were to return to the Albany area, this would be my first place to live. I wouldn't change the choice to have lived here if I could. Thank you to Carrie and all of the staff that made our stay so enjoyable, from the office to maintenance and amenities .

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