Horizon Ridge Apartments Reviews

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Renz FrancisRenz Francis

This is one of the best complex I have ever lived at.From the beginning up until now everything has been amazing.Very Friendly and polite staff.
Any issues within your apt is resolved the said same day.
I literally have no complaints.

Cat ContilloCat Contillo

This place was my first apartment with my fiance. We had moved to the area for the first time. We had checked so many apartments and this one we fell in love with. We had lived here for 2 years. We would have stayed longer but my fiance had to get an apartment where it was closer to her job. It's super quiet. If you want to be close to Albany but far enough to be out of the city this is a beautiful place. Judy is absolutely amazing. The maintenance men are just as great! They take care of the necessities like snow plowing and icing. They come to your apartments and can fix what needs to be fixed. They will help you hang a different shower head if that's what you want to. This apartment complex is absolutely amazing. We would move back in a heartbeat we could. Take the chance and get an apartment that makes you happy to come back to after work is done.

Turbo VlogsTurbo Vlogs

The apartments are good sized, and it’s pretty cozy. Me and my family have lived here for the past 5 years and we’re happy. The pool is a nice addition to the complex. It’s really good for bikers, and joggers/runners. And just a perfect fit for a starter apartment for when you move out of your parents house. But a little suggestion, you guys should really fill that huge field in the middle with a playground or like a volleyball net


🤔 My experience has been okay however definitely not planning to renew lease at this complex. The neighboring tenants aren't very considerate to others in building. There are times where other tenant(s) will be smoking marijuana and the scent fills the hallway to the laundry area. There's also tenant(s) who listen to music loudly, as well as children that are outside making noise until it's dark. On few occasions two girls were dancing and shouting in the hallway to music for 8+ hrs straight which is disurptive to other tenants. On a few occassion there was a tenant vacuming at 11 pm which again is disurptive to those sleeping. Another time some tenant shut off water to the laundry machine so it inconvenienced me to have to move my detergent soaked clothes to another machine 🙄.

It would be good if tenants were mindful and followed the complex policy about "quiet time".

The pool is a nice feature and amenities are decent. Maintenance responds in a timely manner to any issues however the leasing lady wasn't thorough during the pre lease signing process. For example they failed to notify me that the electric heat was broken in one bedroom as well as the central air not working properly. Maintenance eventually fixed the central air after I put request. Things I would have expected been relayed to me prior to signing the lease or checked prior to showing unit. The unit was supposed to be cleaned prior to moving in but there were carpet beetles crawling out from heating vent up the wall in 2 rooms due to prior tenant leaving food in there 🤦.

The folks at the leasing office are friendly and inviting. My issues are mainly tenant related and these have been posted on building bulletin board but seems nobody really reads them. Overall though it's a good place to stay 🙂 .

Junior NicolasJunior Nicolas

It was the best apartment ever I've lived their since 2011 to late 2019 it was as ideal and their were a couple downs about it but it was great I had a lot of friends there and we would always hang out at the pool, outside, and sometimes their apartments. and everyone there at the apartment and thelthe gaurds and the other people that work at the apartment. And if my friends or people that work their at the apartment are reading this you did a great job making me happy and I really miss leaving their and I would give anything back to live their. Thank you for reading my review.