Harborside Manor Reviews

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Nicole H.Nicole H.

My boyfriend and I moved here in January and everything has been wonderful so far. Maintenance issues are resolved quickly and property management is knowledgeable, very polite, and quick to respond to calls and emails. Our hallways/common areas are vacuumed regularly. The parking lot is plowed, salted, and shoveled well in the wintertime. We love our spacious closets, too.

Emily BragdonEmily Bragdon

I’ve lived here about 5 years. Rooms are spacious enough with closet space for days as well as a basement storage area.
Maintenance is very attentive when there is something wrong—but cannot do much about existing problems. my carpet is falling apart, my kitchen floor needs fixing (still), my cabinets have screws sticking out and my bathroom ceiling looks like it may or may not cave in—contractor looked at my apartment said it was poorly turned over before I moved in but there’s nothing they can do.
Snow removal in the winter is pretty good. The pool is open with ONE lifeguard who is awesome, but does have a life of his own so the pool is often closed on the weekend. It’s a shallow pool and somewhat well maintained, but we pay so much in rent, (increases 50-150 a year)we should at least have the option to “swim at own risk”. But I understand liability blah blah blah.
It’s pretty quiet for how many people live here. Grills, picnic tables and doggy clean up stations. My daughter adores the playground and the landscaping is well kept.

Tara EastmanTara Eastman

I moved into Harborside in March of 2020 - and have enjoyed living here. My neighbors are friendly, the staff is responsive to property needs, and they have gone the extra mile in the pandemic to clean common areas and communicate protocol changes and shifts. The location is a quarter mile away from the center of Liverpool village, close to bus line and 5 minute drive into Syracuse proper. If you are looking for an apartment in this area, I would recommend Harborside Manor for your consideration.

Ashley HelmsAshley Helms

The staff is amazing. The only reason we moved is for more space, the apartments are nice and extremely clean, just a little on the small side. We only had one maintenance issue in the year we lived there, it was taken care of next day. Maintenance staff is also extremely friendly. It's also super easy to communicate with staff, I just sent emails most of the time, they are very responsive. Only used the pool a couple of times, but it's nice. Some of our neighbors were a little iffy, but never had any issues. Heat and hot water are included and they have energy efficient windows and AC units, so very low electric bill. If they had two bedroom, two bath units I would seriously move back.