Fairview Apartments Reviews

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This is a wonderful place to live. I have lived here for a year and I find this is the wonderful place I’m looking for. The location is perfect for students in Cornell, not too far from class, and the building is in good condition.
The managers are helpful and they can solve all problems, they’re very nice people and they made the apartment perfect

Isaac GaronIsaac Garon

I'm a grad student and have lived at Fairview Apartments for about 1.5 years so far and it's been an absolutely excellent place to live. Cannot say enough good things about this apartment building and the people who manage it.

The location is perfect and so convenient: 10-15 minute flat walk to Cornell campus for class, 10 minute walk to Collegetown and CTB, quick 2-minute drive or 15 minute walk to East Hill Plaza for groceries, 20 minute walk downtown to the Commons, and on the edge of a quiet, safe residential neighborhood that's nice for running in. It's pretty much central to everything and there is a bus stop right outside of the building.

I did my research, and from a price standpoint, a 1-bedroom in Fairview is about $300-400 cheaper than comparable options in other buildings in the area, so it's an incredible deal. All utilities (gas, heat, water, electricity, internet) are included in the monthly rent, which is amazing. Exercise equipment on site and laundry in the basement. Apartments are large and spacious, with lots of natural light, and you can request to have them furnished for a very small upcharge.

The best part is the staff, particularly the lovely, warm people in the front office--Mi Jin and Gabriela are amazing! They take the time to get to know tenants and are incredibly professional and responsive to their needs. The occasional maintenance issue I've reported has been fixed on the same day, usually within an hour. All the staff have been a delight to interact with and get to know, and they help make Fairview such a great place to live.

Alex BransfordAlex Bransford

I lived for 3 years at Fairview during grad school. I loved my apartment and management and was genuinely sad to be leaving. What I appreciated most was how well they got to know me (and my cat). The apartment itself was perfect for a grad school apt - a lovely view (dare I say, the view was fair), utilities included (really missing that in my current apartment), and from what I gather, the apartments are all being renovated.

It's much quieter than living closer into C town, and it feels less corporate than Maplewood. It was about a 10 minute walk to CTB - and a lovely walk at that (the gorge path parallels the road).

Only downsides I can think of are the overly strong heat in the winter (some of you may like that) and the water frequently being turned off for pipe repairs (I think that was just a summer thing, repairing the pipes when most residents were gone).

I mean it when I say I miss Fairview. It was a great place to spend 3 years.

Tong WuTong Wu

I had a good time living here for one year. It is 10 minute walk to the ag quad, has a bus station right outside, and the maintenance services come quickly after requests. Our townhouse is spacious and has its own washing machine and dryer, which is really convenient. Perfect spot for my first year which provide a fun and friendly environment.

Alexandra VoineaAlexandra Voinea

Absolutely fantastic place to live in! I lived here for 2 years and I'm coming back! One of the few places in Collegetown that does semester leases with wonderful, helpful management! Highly endorse!