Carriage Hill Apartments Reviews

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Derrick TaylorDerrick Taylor

I lived here for nearly four years. I've lived in a bunch of different apartments across the country, and this is by far the best in pretty much every category.

First, the apartment itself was clean and tidy when we walked in. Further, the grounds are also very well kept, which was great for my kids. There are occasions when they need to shut something down for maintenance, but people are warned ahead of time and reasonable accomodations are made. Parking is easy and generous. The location is also great; everything is close!

My neighbors were great, where everyone kind of looked out for everyone else in the building; your mileage may vary here, but my experience was that of a strong sense of community.

Maintenance is prompt and effective; even when the problem was major, they had it resolved as soon as was reasonable (for emergencies, this means immediately). The folk they hire are personable and knowledgable, and seem genuinely happy.

The office is staffed with great people who genuinely care about what happens to the people who live there. If you'll indulge me, an anecdote: I found a "stray" cat one day -- friendly, approachable, but without a collar. I asked around, maintenance asked around, but nobody could find the owner. I took the cat in to see if it had a chip, which it didn't. What's crucial to understand is that when I took the cat into the leasing office, they tried to find the owner! (which we eventually did, though the breakthrough came through the internet).

I can't recommend this place highly enough.

Cole LymanCole Lyman

The staff of this apartment complex has excellent service. We moved here from across the country and they made it very easy to set up everything. They were especially responsive and friendly, it felt like we were treated like family.

The apartments here are amazing, they are very spacious and offer lots of storage options. Surrounding the perimeter of the complex are beautiful trees, and the landscape is very well maintained. You would never guess that you are just minutes away from many of the stores that you would need.

Georgette BuelGeorgette Buel

As a new tenant in the Carriage Hill Apartments, I am delighted to take this opportunity to give voice to how beautiful, comfortable, and convenient it is to reside in the Carriage Hill Apartments.

The landscape presents a picturesque appearance of a peaceful countryside. The rooms in the apartment are not only spacious, but also color coordinated. In addition, you are provided with amenities that will make your stay comfortable and pleasant.

Furthermore, The Pittsford Plaza Shopping Mall is easily accessible, as well as the banks, and other outlets are in your reach. Moreover, Carriage Hill Apartments staff members and neighbors are pleasant, helpful and informative.

In essence, if you are seeking an apartment that is beautiful, spacious, comfortable and convenient, Carriage Hill Apartments is the place for you and your family.


Jose H Lozada GJose H Lozada G

Been there for 3+ years. Communication is a key factor between you and your landlord.
The two women at the leasing office are great, Elaine is fabulous and she knows her thing, always willing to help and assist you at any time even during this difficult time due to the covid-19. Maintenance crew is too notch, as soon you report an issue with the apartment they jump over right away. Is also quiet and safe place to stay, close to the canal and close to the plaza and grocery store.

Samuel IanaconeSamuel Ianacone

The rental staff and service personnel at Carriage Hill Apartments have treated us like family from our first day on the property. They are wonderful people as well as being super competent at what they do. Our experience here has been totally enjoyable.
Rosemary and Sam